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Oklahoma Parents: How to Pay Off a Therapist’s Student Loans

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How can parents help a therapist pay off their student loans? One really good way is to unnecessarily dial up the level of conflict in divorce and custody cases. Sometimes people get so caught up in the fight that they lose sight of the impact that litigation can have on the entire family, especially the children. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Some may read this and think “well I can’t let the other side get away with that or I will lose my case.” I have heard this many times.

My response:


If the other party is acting stupid, responding in kind does not help, not even a little. In fact, responding in kind only makes a case take longer, cost more, and could result in paying the Act Right Tax. So, what should you do instead? Here is a list of simple common sense tips that can be applied in any case.


Doing the simple things will not only make any case move long much faster, it can also save a lot of money in legal expenses. Moreover, it might just spare your kids a lifetime of therapy.

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